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Your little help can provide food on table for a child, Cloth to wear and chance to grow

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Join us today in our mission. Whatever skill you have you can always bring value to our goal.

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We aim to provide groceries, amenities and appliances to low-income familes and running a Sweet Orphan home. We nedd your help

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Helping others means trying to giving them a chance to have a proper life. Join us today in our mission.

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By joining us as volunteer you can help in multiple ways. Just sign our contact form with the skills you can contribute.

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A bed-sheet even a pencil will help our children with so many challenges. You can contribute with whatever you have.

About us

We at Shining Stars Care Foundation

As your personal sponsored child, each of us children would like to start a transparent partnership based on mutuality with you: Your Shining Star Care Foundation – children from Pakistan .We ask for your understanding that our personal data and biographies for data protection reasons, can only be transmitted on request.


OUR Vision and Mission
Oaisis Of Life

We are trying to make a place where Orphan Children can get proper grooming and care. Widows can find shelter and we can provide a home and place for Vocational training.

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Be a Volunteer Our Community

Help us in our mission we always need extra pair of hands-on boarded with our day-to-day work. A small effort can bring big change. No matter if you are Cook, Teacher, Gardner, or have any skill we surely can get your help making our community strong

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